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Relationship, are you sure you want one?


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you really want a relationship? And if you do, what would you really like to create?


What is Relationship.  Are You Sure You Want One?

This is not your average relationship book. There is no ‘sugar coating,’ just practical tips and tools written from the authors, Simone and Brendon, so you can have both the male and female perspective.

Warning: You might not like what you hear!

Ladies, the man in your life didn’t ask you to come along and change him into what you have decided is the perfect man for you.

–Brendon Watt

Refreshingly honest, the book talks about:

  • Why there is no perfect relationship
Why you are the valuable product
  • The keys to intimacy
  • Choosing for you
Why gratitude is the key to letting go of judgement

Relationship. Are you sure you want one? Is a totally different way of looking at relationships.


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